Mini Fruit Salad

The idea of this fun salad is to chop your fruit in very small pieces. You can change the fruit as you would like just use soft fruits that will be easy for kids to cut.

You could serve this on mini tortilla chips like a fruit salsa. Or serve your mini salad inside small pie shells or mini tart shells for fun.

  1. Using a cheese grater, shred 1 clean green apple into a serving bowl.
  2. Finely chop 5-10 strawberries and add with the apple.
  3. Open 1 can mandarin oranges or peel 2 fresh tangerines.
  4. Cut each orange slice in 2-3 pieces and add to bowl.
  5. Cut 1 banana in slices then cut each slice in four quarters.
  6. Drizzle 1 tablespoon lemon juice over your fruit to keep your bananas and apples from turning brown.
  7. Toss your small chopped fruit together and serve immediately.
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