Nothing says summer like a strawberry.


What’s the first thought that comes to your mind, when you think of strawberries?

Is it the hot days of summer, the smell of heat in the car, the sand in the shoes, or the drive to the beach with the only stop being the one in Wexford to buy the strawberries for the picnic.

We always got ours on the way home from a day in Brittas.  Mum would pull the car in and spend an age picking two punnets.  We would get home, be thrown in the bath and have ice cream and strawberries before bed!

Most people I know say its the thought of strawberries and cream.  The mouth-watering dessert that says “well summer here and its here to stay”. In my head as I write the very excellent “Schools out for summer” is belting in my head.

The best thing about Strawberries is that they far more benefits to them that just satisfying our sweet tooth. Strawberries are packed with hordes of health benefits, making a nutritious fruit for mind and body.

Just look at this table to give your mouth a reason to water!

Nutrition Comparison

Fruit Fiber
Vitamin C (mg) Sugar
Strawberries 3 210 84 7
Apples 4 150 7 14
Grapes 1 266 6 22
Bananas 4 504 13 17
Oranges 3 252 74 13

The most important thing to remember is to “Ask for Sunny’s” the only authentic Irish, Wexford Strawberry on the shop shelves.

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