The weather was breezy, the taste fantastic, Sunny Wexford Strawberries are out!

This morning we were at St Stephen’s Green holding our coats tightly around us waiting for Jimmy to arrive with our 30 punnets of Sunny Wexford Strawberries to give to the Minister for Agriculture, Marine & Food, Mr Simon Coveney TD.

Being Wexford men we weren’t used to the Dublin traffic but we were all there ready to go, waiting for Jimmy! He arrived holding the punnets, looking slightly frazzled and full of how he would redesign the Dublin traffic system!

Then we were off. Models Molly and Ella, our two 5 year old strawberry fans along with a slightly older fan Allanah were great to brave the chill. We are very appreciative of the Minister comming across to give his support to Irish producers rolling out a national brand.

It is our hope that the Sunny Wexford Strawberries will make the shelves nationally in all the major multiples and in your local retailers.

We’re asking people to “Ask for Sunnys” when they’re shopping.  We know our Wexford strawberries are tastier, juicier and have consistent quality ahead of all others.  We hope you do too.

We urge you to visit the “Ask for Sunnys” page and fill out the form, we will then do all in our power to ensure your local store adds them to their shelves.

For those interested in the press release you can download it here

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