We’ve done it!

Today, (Thursday, 12th May) we’re launching our brand, Sunny Wexford Strawberries into the Irish market.

It is an exciting development for us. We are delighted to have the Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries, Mr Simon Coveney TD, coming along to do the honours.

It is the first strawberry from Wexford to be branded and we really hope it will do well. Everyone has the memories of the hot car trips to the beach or on their holiday trips when their mum or dad pulled in at the side of the road to pick up a punnet or two of Wexford strawberries.

Those days are diminishing with the new motorways people rarely stop, not to mention competitors selling “Wexford” strawberries that are not from Ireland let alone from the county!

We hope people will ask for the best when they are shopping – our brand mantra is “Ask for Sunnys – always Sunnys”, they are tastier, sweeter and juicier than the rest.

We want to say a special strawberry thank you to Dunnes who have supported our launch ahead of all of the other multiples. If you are looking to see Sunny Wexford Strawberries where you shop, fill out our Ask for Sunnys form and we will do our best to make it happen for you.

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