Sunny strawberries bring back childhood holiday memories

Aoife remembers……

It’s June and and for me that always brings back memories of heading off on summer holidays. Mum would spend everynight for a fortnight ironing and packing carefully and then Dad would bash the cases into the boot and all the kids would be rammed into the back of the car for the drive to Rosslare and onto the boat for France!! Seat belts weren’t compulsory but Highland toffee bars were;  to keep the kids chewing and silent and minimise the bickering in the overstuffed car.

We would only be on the road an hour before the squabbling broke out and it wasn’t always the kids! But a much needed break once we hit Wexford, always involved stopping by the roadside for the delicious ripe Strawberries. Stretching your legs, in the sunshine, with the juice from the strawberries running down your chin, and the whole holidays to look forward to – the stuff childhood memories are made of.

What’s your sunny memory?

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