Sunny strawberries bring back childhood holiday memories

Aoife remembers……

It’s June and and for me that always brings back memories of heading off on summer holidays. Mum would spend everynight for a fortnight ironing and packing carefully and then Dad would bash the cases into the boot and all the kids would be rammed into the back of the car for the drive to Rosslare and onto the boat for France!! Seat belts weren’t compulsory but Highland toffee bars were;  to keep the kids chewing and silent and minimise the bickering in the overstuffed car.

We would only be on the road an hour before the squabbling broke out and it wasn’t always the kids! But a much needed break once we hit Wexford, always involved stopping by the roadside for the delicious ripe Strawberries. Stretching your legs, in the sunshine, with the juice from the strawberries running down your chin, and the whole holidays to look forward to – the stuff childhood memories are made of.

What’s your sunny memory?

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Nothing says summer like a strawberry.


What’s the first thought that comes to your mind, when you think of strawberries?

Is it the hot days of summer, the smell of heat in the car, the sand in the shoes, or the drive to the beach with the only stop being the one in Wexford to buy the strawberries for the picnic.

We always got ours on the way home from a day in Brittas.  Mum would pull the car in and spend an age picking two punnets.  We would get home, be thrown in the bath and have ice cream and strawberries before bed!

Most people I know say its the thought of strawberries and cream.  The mouth-watering dessert that says “well summer here and its here to stay”. In my head as I write the very excellent “Schools out for summer” is belting in my head.

The best thing about Strawberries is that they far more benefits to them that just satisfying our sweet tooth. Strawberries are packed with hordes of health benefits, making a nutritious fruit for mind and body.

Just look at this table to give your mouth a reason to water!

Nutrition Comparison

Fruit Fiber
Vitamin C (mg) Sugar
Strawberries 3 210 84 7
Apples 4 150 7 14
Grapes 1 266 6 22
Bananas 4 504 13 17
Oranges 3 252 74 13

The most important thing to remember is to “Ask for Sunny’s” the only authentic Irish, Wexford Strawberry on the shop shelves.

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Official Sunny Wexford Strawberries Launch!!

Saturday was a great day for Wexford Strawberries!! Sunny Strawberries were born!! The launch was a success we had people attend from all over Ireland who were treated with champagne, strawberries, entertainment and tour trips around the farm to see the different methods of growing strawberries!

Thank you to everyone who attended we hope you had a great time! Check out our photos from the launch! 🙂

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The weather was breezy, the taste fantastic, Sunny Wexford Strawberries are out!

This morning we were at St Stephen’s Green holding our coats tightly around us waiting for Jimmy to arrive with our 30 punnets of Sunny Wexford Strawberries to give to the Minister for Agriculture, Marine & Food, Mr Simon Coveney TD.

Being Wexford men we weren’t used to the Dublin traffic but we were all there ready to go, waiting for Jimmy! He arrived holding the punnets, looking slightly frazzled and full of how he would redesign the Dublin traffic system!

Then we were off. Models Molly and Ella, our two 5 year old strawberry fans along with a slightly older fan Allanah were great to brave the chill. We are very appreciative of the Minister comming across to give his support to Irish producers rolling out a national brand.

It is our hope that the Sunny Wexford Strawberries will make the shelves nationally in all the major multiples and in your local retailers.

We’re asking people to “Ask for Sunnys” when they’re shopping.  We know our Wexford strawberries are tastier, juicier and have consistent quality ahead of all others.  We hope you do too.

We urge you to visit the “Ask for Sunnys” page and fill out the form, we will then do all in our power to ensure your local store adds them to their shelves.

For those interested in the press release you can download it here

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We’ve done it!

Today, (Thursday, 12th May) we’re launching our brand, Sunny Wexford Strawberries into the Irish market.

It is an exciting development for us. We are delighted to have the Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries, Mr Simon Coveney TD, coming along to do the honours.

It is the first strawberry from Wexford to be branded and we really hope it will do well. Everyone has the memories of the hot car trips to the beach or on their holiday trips when their mum or dad pulled in at the side of the road to pick up a punnet or two of Wexford strawberries.

Those days are diminishing with the new motorways people rarely stop, not to mention competitors selling “Wexford” strawberries that are not from Ireland let alone from the county!

We hope people will ask for the best when they are shopping – our brand mantra is “Ask for Sunnys – always Sunnys”, they are tastier, sweeter and juicier than the rest.

We want to say a special strawberry thank you to Dunnes who have supported our launch ahead of all of the other multiples. If you are looking to see Sunny Wexford Strawberries where you shop, fill out our Ask for Sunnys form and we will do our best to make it happen for you.

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